AIESEC in Central University joined the list of Local Committees in Ghana in 1999 and has since grown in both membership and impact through the help of our partners, making us a leading Local Committee in Ghana

AIESEC in Central University presently has 50 dynamic and high potential individuals out of which 19 have taken up leadership roles. Members and leaders alike constantly strive to achieve organizational goals and objectives.


Notwithstanding the fact that we are one of the youngest Local Committees in AIESEC Ghana, we have been incredibly exceptional leading to been awarded best Local Committee in the 2008/2009 and 2009/2010 AIESEC years


The AIESEC CUC  Project On The Go falls part of our Global Community Development program where we seek to  identify pressing issues of communities around the world and come out with solutions on how to solve them. Our projects are always issue based example HIV/AIDS, enviromental issues, energy, computer, Enterprenuership etc

AIESEC in Central University College runs four (5) of such Projects of  which will be runing  in the various communities. The PROJECT ON THE GO is an umbrela name where all the project AIESEC CUC runs goes to communities where the they are really needed. It is also to provide the communities the ability to feel the impact of the all the project. The various project has it’s our impact assessment and all of which when cuppled will move the community forward below are the list of Project and their impact on the community