AIESEC in Ghana Projects

Answers Solution and Knowledge around HIV/AIDS Issues


The ASK Project is an EAP(Empowering Africa Program) which is run to raise HIV/AIDS peer educators among Junior and Senior High students resulting in constant awareness on their campuses.   All LCs in Ghana run this project. In AIESEC CUC, it is present in 17 students; 7 schools in the kaneshie-bubuashie district and 10 other Junior High Schools in the Abokobi-Madina Area

Project Objectives

To develop emissaries and champions of HIV/AIDS prevention
Offer open space for discussion and sharing around HIV/AIDS issues between people from different nationalities and African students of higher and secondary education.
Create the awareness and synthesize a good environment that will help combat the disease
Increase the ability and skills to prevent HIV/AIDS in the African youth using practical case studies


ASK Project Partners

Project Activities

Come and Ask Day – 1st December

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  1. andrea solis · July 19, 2012

    Hi i think that the concept of the project on the GO wonderful idea. AIESECers should all learn this. Get out of your comfort zone to empower people in less deprived areas. You will be surprise to see how little they know and much you learn. CUC on the move

    • jeromedeamesi · July 19, 2012

      Hi Andrea
      thanks for the comment it means so much to us when the small things
      that we do in our small country can empower people and even develop
      them to know more and even do more.

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